James Wells

Head Instructor

James became fascinated with Karate after watching The Karate Kid as a young boy and so joined the Federation of Shotokan Karate when he was barely eight-years-old. Six years later, he was awarded his black belt at the age of 14 by FSK Chief Instructor, Sensei Aidan Trimble.

After being selected to represent England for Team FSK at 17, he attended his first all-styles World Karate Championships a year later, in Milan in 2007. In the immediate years that followed, he actively competed both domestically and oversees.

As a senior athlete, he became a two-time world Bronze medalist - in 2013 and 2015 - whilst representing England at the World Cup and US Open tournaments in Las Vegas. Closer to home, he was also runner-up at the 2015 UK Open.

What has made his success at the highest level so remarkable is achieving it as a two-time cancer survivor. After battling Leukaemia for two years between 2010 and 2011, he was told by doctors he might never be fit to fight again, such was the damage to his heart and lungs.

Renowned for being a doggedly determined fighter, James never gave up. He demonstrated great courage, determination and perseverance to defy the odds and battle back to peak fitness, winning silverware consistently between 2012 and 2017. And so he is proud most of all - even before his exploits as an athlete, fighter and coach - to call himself a survivor.

As an instructor, he demonstrated natural coaching ability from a young age and learned from the best in the business; assisting Sensei Trimble himself from the age of 16.

Since being encouraged to start a club of his own more than a decade ago in 2009, he hasn't looked back and since establishing Martial Arts Inspired has overseen the development of a number of national champions and international competitors... Crowned ‘Instructor Of The Year 2016’ James is a nationally renowned coach of high regard.

Also a keen mixed martial artist, with a particular interest in Boxing and Kickboxing, he attributes his Karate background as the foundation for further coaching success. As Martial Arts Inspired Head Coach, he personally offers a variety of options and services to men, women and children alike. His Close Quarter Combat and Fight Craft sessions are highly technical, whilst his Self-Defence classes are popular among women and a huge hit in the corporate sector.

Sonny Roberts

Senior Instructor

Among the most decorated British karate athletes in history, Sonny Roberts is widely considered one of the most gifted fighters of his generation.

As such, his impressive medal haul commands the respect of his peers:

3 x World Champion

2 x European Champion

5 x British Champion

9 x English Champion

The longterm training partner of Martial Arts Inspired Head Instructor, Sensei James Wells, Sonny joined the Federation of Shotokan Karate as a child, achieved his black belt by the age of 13 and won the World Junior Karate title at the age of 15... From there, his sporting career continued on a remarkable upward trajectory, earning him a global reputation as a formidable competitor.

Like Sensei James, he too trains under FSK Chief Instructor, Sensei Aidan Trimble, enabling him to have a strong appreciation and unrivalled understanding of both the traditional Shotokan format and all-styles Sport Karate training.

Adept at coaching absolute beginners, aspiring competitors and fully-fledged international athletes, Sonny has been a senior FSK instructor for over ten years and has also been the lead Kumite coach for the University of Nottingham since 2016. In this latter role, he played a crucial part in leading his team to their most successful BUCS championships to date, overseeing nine medals won and placing 2nd in the medal table. Furthermore, he is currently coach of the Great Britain University squad competing at European Games and World Championships.

Whilst his competitive CV speaks for itself, above all else he has an incredible talent to make training fun for all... If you get the chance or opportunity to train with Sensei Sonny, don't miss out!

Conor Loughrey

Club Instructor (Wilford FSK)

Conor enrolled at the Federation of Shotokan Karate's UK centre of excellence, The Dojo, at the tender age of six. There, he was incredibly lucky to be taught by internationally famous Karate legend and FSK Chief Instructor, Sensei Aidan Trimble (8th Dan).

Another six years later, by the age of 12, he'd achieved his black belt having spent half his life honing his craft under one of the most accomplished set of eyes in the martial arts world.

A studious trainer and polished technician, Kata became his primary focus as a young athlete, where he went from strength-to-strength after winning a national title in his first ever domestic competition.

A former member of the FSK England squad, where he trained under Martial Arts Inspired Head Instructor, Sensei James Wells, Conor twice competed for his country at World Championships in Las Vegas. Impressively, he achieved podium finishes on both occasions, winning world Silver and Bronze medals for England in 2009 and 2013 respectively.

An exponent for the traditional aspects of Shotokan Karate, his passion lies with it's application and practicality as a means for self-defence, where he enjoys unlocking the phyical potential behind every intricate movement.

Now the Club Instructor for Wilford FSK, Conor has excelled as a coach and teacher. Having graduated from The Dojo's now infamous instructor program, he is passionate about providing future generations with everything Karate has to offer; physically, mentally and socially.

Megan Gates

Assistant Instructor

Megan began her journey into Karate at the age of seven, before joining Sensei James Wells' Bridgford FSK club more than a decade ago at the age of ten.

Under his tuition, she earned her black belt by the age of 14 and went on to become a fierce female competitor, earning a reputation as a top-level domestic fighter in England and Great Britain, as both a junior and senior athlete.

A multiple medal-winner and former national champion, she began her first foray into coaching at the age of 17 when her Head Instructor noticed how willing she was to help others. She has been assisting Sensei James with our Junior Karate classes ever since.

Over the past five years, she has gone from strength-to-strength as a coach and instructor. Firm but fair, Megan is fantastic with children; kids love her!

She remains an active member of Team FSK and was an integral part of the Birmingham University karate squad competing at the British University Championships whilst studying for her degree.

A priceless addition to the Martial Arts Inspired coaching staff and a shining example of the pathway we offer our teenage students to retain an interest in Karate by becoming instructors.