At Martial Arts Inspired we believe in the power of martial arts to inspire people mentally and physically.
Founded in 2016, we are the brainchild of Sensei James Wells - a former GB Karate athlete - who sought to provide a range of martial arts services for people of all ages, abilities, orientation or experience.
Our Karate classes for children up-and-down the UK are the bedrock to our service portfolio, providing young people with the discipline and focus required to succeed in sports, activities and life. Building from the ground-up, these classes act as a pathway into other areas of combat sports and martial arts training, should they excell and choose to further their education into young adulthood and beyond.
As the foundation to our success, tuition from our expert instructors is tailored to win young hearts and minds, providing a solid platform for progression.
It's our belief that by channelling enthusiasm for martial arts through one very structured discipline, we build stronger and more capable athletes, well rounded adults and individuals with a good moral compas... Whether they choose to further their Traditional Karate knowledge, embark in a Sport Karate career - where an Olympic pathway is within their grasp - pursue Kickboxing, Boxing, Self-Defence, or stand-up Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training as a form of fitness, is entirely up to the individual.
The above activities are all services we offer and our packages are always being improved for people of all demographics, but our priority and our main focus is to INSPIRE our students through martial arts training, whatever their goal or focus might be. 

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