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Welcome to Martial Arts Inspired


At Martial Arts Inspired, we believe in blending modern training methods with traditional values; bringing martial arts into the 21st century.

Self-defence is important. So, if it's your goal to learn how to protect yourself - or simply get fitter, faster and leaner whilst learning a new skill set - we can provide the service product for you!


Our range of training sessions include:

  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Fight Craft
  • Fight Fitness
  • Pads & Bags
  • Self-Defence
  • Sport Karate
  • Traditional Karate


Our Junior Karate classes are our flagship product, providing a combination of Shotokan Karate tuition and all-styles Sport Karate training. As one of the oldest martial arts in the world, Karate provides a solid foundation for anybody's journey into the world of self-defence and combat sports. Affiliated to the Federation of Shotokan Karate, our expert instructors are adept at managing large groups of varied ages and abilities.

Junior Karate Classes

Beginner Grades

If your child is new to Karate and looking to begin their martial arts journey, look no further! Each one of our Martial Arts Inspired venues, in Nottingham and throughout the UK, runs a Junior Karate club with members ranging from 5 to 15-years-old. Classes for Beginner Grades are suitable for an ...

Intermediate Grades

Junior Karate classes for Intermediate Grades are for those who've attained their green belt and beyond. At Martial Arts Inspired, we consider all students between green and black belt to be of intermediate experience and standard. By the early part of this stage, students will have attended up to ...

Mixed Grades

These classes are tailored for students of all ages, grades and abilities, regardless of their experience. Such lessons require the kind of expert tuition which the Federation of Shotokan Karate prides itself on. Whoever's in charge, these sessions are comprised of either traditional Shotokan Karate or Sport Kara ...

What Others Say About Us

We tried a few local clubs, but none were as well organised or welcoming. Since signing up, our son hasn't looked back; he would go every day if he could!

Sarah Freeston

Our children have been members for ten years now and we've always been very impressed at how they've been constantly motivated and inspired to do their best by using humour, not criticism.

Bob Winter

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