Excellence Without Exclusion

Excellence Without Exclusion

At Martial Arts Inspired, we pride ourselves on guiding our Junior Karate students to their Shodan (1st Dan black belt); a symbol of success.

Reaching this grade is a tremendous achievement for all concerned. Some of our Dan grades began training at the ages of five and six. They are a great advert for our clubs and a shining example for every new student.

We look to give those individuals greater responsibility and status as their development continues and so we emphasise their role as senior members and perhaps even Junior Instructors where we deem appropriate.

The number of black belts and senior grades currently training is ever-growing, as we continue to offer more to our members and expand as a franchise; expansion which has occurred as a result of considerable success by both our team of coaches and their students alike.

As your child looks forward to attaining his or her first belt and all those which follow, be aware they are only scratching the surface; there is so much more that we at Martial Arts Inspired have to offer.

In the field of competition, we have produced both national and regional champions in all sporting disciplines. Our current members include England squad members, international competitors and even medalists on the world stage.

As a marker for success, one of our clubs has topped the medal table at the FSK National Championships on three out of the last four occasions. We always aim to consistently have the highest number of entrants, but more importantly it's our quality that shows.

In principle, we always encourage participation in competitive events and look to provide opportunity for all. We believe in excellence without exclusion.