What our Intermediate Grades class offers

Intermediate Grades

Junior Karate classes for Intermediate Grades are for those who've attained their green belt and beyond. At Martial Arts Inspired, we consider all students between green and black belt to be of intermediate experience and standard. By the early part of this stage, students will have attended up to nine or ten gradings, become familiar with the three elements of traditional Shotokan Karate (see blog for details) and gained experience in Sport Karate through both training and competition. By now, any child, of any ability, having worked hard enough to get this far, should have one eye firmly set on achieving their black belt. If you're new to Martial Arts Inspired but your child has already practised Karate elsewhere and reached an equivalent grade, we are always open to assessing them accordingly and enrolling them at intermediate level as opposed to beginner classes, provided they pass an initial assesment.