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We couldn't wish for more fun and dedicated instructors. They've guided Alex along the path to black belt and increased his confidence. Whilst Esme now represents England and won a Silver medal at a major international competition in Las Vegas.

I'm proud to say my daughter has progressed so far she now represents England. The dedication James shows at her international events is extraordinary. He's in her corner for every fight, coaching and encouraging her from the sidelines. Brilliant!

Our children have been members for ten years now and we've always been very impressed at how they've been constantly motivated and inspired to do their best by using humour, not criticism.

I've seen first hand how the coaches inspire confidence and commitment in their pupils and always lead by example. The squad have formed a strong bond and it’s great to see such fabulous team spirit when they compete and train together.

My son is always made aware of the goals in front of him and the intention behind his training. He tells me himself how Karate has taught him "self-defence and discipline". The level of maturity he's gained is quite incredible.

Sensei James in particular is superb, inspirational in fact! He always has time to let me know how Tom is getting on. I can't recommend these classes more, they're simply a must.

Emma and James absolutely LOVE karate! Lessons are fun, sociable and great exercise, unique to anything else they participate in. But above all, they're great for self-discipline and control.

The Martial Arts Inspired team are such patient and supportive teachers. Their passion for martial arts instils a confidence and desire to learn in all their students; adults and children alike.

Sensei James and his team are not only incredible instructors, but also brilliant role models. I know my children wouldn't be where they are today without their support and guidance. Martial Arts Inspired has shaped them as people.

From the moment my daughter started Karate she was totally hooked! It really has benefitted her so much both in and out of school - giving her strength, balance and teaching her remarkable discipline... Junior Karate classes should be compulsory!

It's been an absolute joy to watch my daughter grow so much in ability, confidence and focus in just a few short years!

Sensei James has always been so supportive of Harrison's progress, teaching him how to deal with setbacks and handle success with grace.

We tried a few local clubs, but none were as well organised or welcoming. Since signing up, our son hasn't looked back; he would go every day if he could!

It's not often you come across coaches who aren't only champions themselves, but make the kids feel like champions too!