What our Beginner Grades class offers

Beginner Grades

If your child is new to Karate and looking to begin their martial arts journey, look no further! Each one of our Martial Arts Inspired venues, in Nottingham and throughout the UK, runs a Junior Karate club with members ranging from 5 to 15-years-old. Classes for Beginner Grades are suitable for any child of primary school age (5-11) who has never participated in Karate before. We also enrol children who are new to Karate, but may have some experience with other martial arts. As we are affiliated to the Federation of Shotokan Karate, we use a traditional Shotokan belt system. Belts represent grades and so like any traditional Karate school, the first belt given upon joining is the white belt; subsequent grades and coloured belts have to be earned. Participants range from absolute beginners (white belts) up to yellow belts. Green belts and above are considered Intermediate Grades.