1.     Service Providers

1.1             You, the member, are aware that any club you are joining is owned and operated by Martial Arts Inspired UK Ltd and that any Karate club is associated with the Federation of Shotokan Karate (FSK).

1.2             Your Senior Club Instructor is the primary instructor designated by Martial Arts Inspired to undertake tuition at the karate club you are joining. 

1.3             Your facility provider is defined as the institution operating as a third party provider of relevant training facilities for any Martial Arts Inspired tuition and services.

1.4             Your financial commitments with Martial Arts Inspired are managed by GoCardless Ltd who operate as a third party provider to collect payments on our behalf.


2.     Financial Commitments

2.1             You agree that an initial joining fee may be payable to cover the acquisition of your training attire and any administration costs.

2.2             You agree to pay monthly fees for membership to Martial Arts Inspired using the direct debit method provided. Your monthly instalments will be due on either the 1stor 28th of each calendar month and will be collected accordingly via our third party provider.

2.3             You acknowledge that your direct debit agreement and all other financial services with Martial Arts Inspired are managed by GoCardless Ltd who are our third party provider. 

2.4             You accept that your agreement with GoCardless Ltd also mandates us to debit one-off pro rata payments from your registered account for competitions, courses, gradings, training kit, equipment and other services where permitted.

2.5             You accept that if a membership payment is not made on the agreed due date, an administration fee of £5.00 will be levied for each electronic notification it is necessary for Martial Arts Inspired to send as a reminder.

2.6             You accept that any unpaid and/or overdue membership fees referred to a debt collection agency will be subject to a surcharge. You agree that any such charges and legal fees incurred in the collection of unpaid or overdue membership fees will be your responsibility and are legally recoverable.

2.7             You acknowledge that your membership fee is subject to change upon review at the start of each financial year and that it may be altered in accordance with the rate of inflation and/or any other internal or external considerations or factors. Should we change your monthly membership fee, we will give you 30 days’ notice prior to any changes taking place.

2.8             You are aware that Martial Arts Inspired Karate Clubs are affiliated to the Federation of Shotokan Karate and accept that you cannot practise Karate without an associated FSK license.

2.9             You acknowledge that you will be charged a £25 annual license fee for FSK membership. You subsequently accept this will be debited automatically from your account via a separate mandate for each year you remain a member in alignment with your joining date.


3.     Membership Services

3.1             Your Martial Arts Inspired membership will begin on the day you join and entitles you to unlimited group training sessions according to your respective club timetable. Your membership permits you to participate in any class suitable to your age and/or grade.

3.2             You accept that your membership is unique to you and that you cannot transfer it to another person whether they be a dependent, partner, spouse or otherwise.

3.3             For Martial Arts Inspired Karate Club members, in accordance with Federation of Shotokan Karate policy, you hereby acknowledge that you are encouraged to train at least twice-per-week and that you have the opportunity to do so to maximise your membership value.

3.4             You accept that all times and locations according to your club timetable are subject to change. Furthermore, in reference to any club timetable, you accept that a reduction of hours will not result in reduced membership cost but that we reserve the right to increase monthly cost at any time should additional hours be implemented.

3.5             You agree that Martial Arts Inspired is void of any fault or responsibility in the rare event that a facility venue is either inaccessible or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

3.6             You accept that use of your Martial Arts Inspired Karate Club membership may be dependent on you being a member of the facility provider, subject to their terms and conditions.

3.7             You accept that where membership with a facility provider is not a requirement upon joining but they later change policy to deny access to non-members, Martial Arts Inspired is not responsible. You therefore agree that your membership terms and payment mandates will still apply in such circumstances where access to our tuition and/or services is denied due to factors beyond our control.

3.8             You acknowledge that tuition is suspended on bank holidays. You also accept that a lengthier suspension of tuition is applied twice during the calendar year; an initial two-week tuition break during the summer months and a second tuition break over the Christmas and New Year period. You are satisfied that any such tuition break will in no way influence your financial commitments.

3.9             You accept that if any class is cancelled, either in advance or at short notice and for any reason, you are not entitled to any monetary reimbursement of fees.

3.10           You are satisfied that a network of assistant coaches aside from your designated Instructor are employed by Martial Arts Inspired and that you are not guaranteed the same instructor for any length of time.

3.11           You are satisfied that all instructors and coaches working on behalf of Martial Arts Inspired hold the relevant qualifications, accreditations and certification required.

3.12           You accept that your Senior Club Instructor is only responsible for leading tuition and in no way has anything to do with the management of their respective club.


4.     Associated Policy

4.1             For Martial Arts Inspired Karate Club members, you are aware that gradings are organised by the Federation of Shotokan Karate and take place on four occasions per calendar year. You recognise that you have the opportunity to grade on these occasions but that you are not permitted to do so without the consent and support of your Senior Club Instructor.

4.2             You accept that entry into any competitive event, regardless of FSK jurisdiction, is to be determined and decided by your senior Senior Club Instructor. You therefore concede that to compete at any event not organised by the FSK without prior consent is an offence and that you risk losing your affiliated license should you do so.

4.3             You recognise that in the event of any grading, competition or training course, Martial Arts Inspired Karate Club tuition is liable to be cancelled whereby such events are held in place of regular training.

4.4             You accept that Martial Arts Inspired staff reserve the right to take photographs and videos during training, gradings and competitive events. You agree that any image or material captured is the property of Martial Arts Inspired and permit the distribution and exposure of any such content for marketing and media purposes.


5.     Cancellation, Termination & Suspension

5.1             You are able to suspend your membership only if you are unable to participate in club tuition for a continuous period of at least one month due to serious illness or injury. In any such circumstance you must give 30 days written notice to Martial Arts Inspired and provide us with medical evidence in the form of doctor’s note or certificate to support your claim. In spite of any membership suspension, standard cancellation terms will apply.

5.2             You agree to a three-month cancellation period representative of the gap between quarterly gradings. Should you wish to cancel your Martial Arts Inspired membership at any time, you will give 90 days written notice and hereby agree to being debited an amount equal to three months full membership fees for that period. You accept that your Martial Arts Inspired membership will then cease precisely 90 days from receipt of notice.

5.3             You acknowledge that Martial Arts Inspired reserves the right to terminate your membership should you fail to comply with any of our terms and conditions or your behaviour is deemed not fit in accordance with our club rules and regulations (which can be viewed on our website).

5.4             In the event that we terminate your Martial Arts Inspired membership for any reason, you accept that your right to train is revoked immediately but that we retain the right to claim three months membership fees in full, as per regular terms of cancellation.


6.     Regulations

6.1             You accept that Martial Arts Inspired does not hold any liability for damage, loss or theft of money, valuables or personal property. Your property is your responsibility and any matters relative to liability including damage, loss or theft should be discussed with the facility provider.

6.2             You agree to adhere to any health and safety regulations unique to the facility provider and that Martial Arts Inspired is not responsible for recommendations or notices but that we must respect any and all relevant third party policies.

6.3             You acknowledge that Martial Arts Inspired reserves the right to change the terms of your membership agreement at any time and you are satisfied we will give you 30 days’ notice ahead of any alterations.

6.4             As a parent or guardian signing this agreement on behalf of someone under the age of 18 you accept that you’re responsible for the behaviour and actions of any such dependent at all times and agree to pay us any amounts that are due on their behalf.


7.     Communication

7.1             You acknowledge that you must contact Martial Arts Inspired directly via the official details provided below should you have any issues, complaints or queries regarding the tuition, management or logistics of the services you are using.

7.2             Any communication required in writing should be sent via email to: info@martialartsinspired.com

7.3             All other direct communication with Martial Arts Inspired can be made via mobile telephone on: 07542 149977


8.     Declaration

8.1             This is a membership agreement between you, the member, and Martial Arts Inspired.

8.2             You are satisfied that our policies, process and membership terms have been explained to you in full.

8.3             By signing this document to become a member of a Martial Arts Inspired registered club and/or sign up to any other training product, you are confirming you have read and accept all the terms and conditions in this membership agreement as detailed above. You also acknowledge that you have received a copy of this agreement for your personal records.

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