An Introduction To Karate Kids

An Introduction To Karate Kids

Affiliated to the Federation of Shotokan Karate (FSK), we operate award winning Karate Kids clubs which offer the very highest standards of martial arts tuition. With us, your child has maximum opportunity to develop their physical skills and enhance their personal wellbeing; we aim to provide the best experience possible.

Karate is our bread-and-butter because it has the power to influence a young life in a variety of positive ways - improving physical capabilities, whilst inspiring confidence and growth of personality - the possibilities are endless.

We believe in teaching the core values of Shotokan Karate through courage, determination, discipline, patience and respect; characteristics which are easily overlooked in a child's development. We look to mould not only a well-rounded Karate-ka (Karate practitioner) but also an authentic person with solid core values.

Alongside a traditionally structured training program centered around Okinawan methodology, we also offer an expert insight into the competitive world of Sport Karate, which is now an Olympic discipline. As our Head Instructor, Sensei James Wells, has represented England as a senior athlete now for more than a decade, we can provide specialist tuition where few others can.

Martial Arts Inspired tuition takes place at a variety of venues; see our timetables page for details. As we tend to operate in partnership with private leisure providers, we are able to offer an extensive variety of training facilities. Some include matted areas and access to other functional equipment, whilst others are spacious enough to allow for students of varying levels to participate in larger ‘squad’ training sessions.

We always encourage our Karate Kids to train twice per week and our memberships are structured to cater for nothing less. However, your child is by no means obligated to do so and you pay for flexibility. Your children are therefore free to utilise the appropriate sessions available at your discretion on a week-by-week basis, no matter which club they are a part of.

At any of our venues, our structured timetables allow every individual the opportunity to train a minimum of three hours per week, with some longer running clubs offering up to seven or eight hours to cater for larger numbers.

Sensei Aidan Trimble (8th Dan) - former World Karate Champion - is Chief Instructor of the wider FSK and presides over all our gradings. As one of the finest instructors in the world, this is a real and genuine privilege; something you will come to appreciate more and more, the further you progress.

At Martial Arts Inspired, we believe in setting targets for all our members, old or new, so your training is designed to be goal-orientated. In principle, every new beginner should enrol with the realistic aim of achieving their Dan-grade (black belt) and even going beyond. Because, as we firmly believe, your child's journey does not and should not stop there!

Our ultimate wish is to maximise youth development, for your child to realise their full potential and ensure they have the best opportunities presented to them both now and in the future.

As they begin their voyage into Karate, we consider it our great responsibility to guide your child in the right direction. It is our duty to ensure the adventure which lies ahead of them is equally enlightening as it is exciting.

Whatever your aspirations, we will endeavour to help fulfill them and to push your child to achieve their goals by inspiring courage with confidence!